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Accredited by the Singapore Civil Defence Force

Course Fee:
$150 (TGS-2020505810)
Payment Mode: Nett

The driver and attendant of a licensed vehicle are required to hold a valid Hazmat Transport Driver Course (HTDP) at all times when transporting hazardous substances.

Candidates will receive an authority letter for collection of Permit Card at SCDF, Jalan Bahar.

Personnel who are involved in the transportation and handling of hazardous materials.​It is mandatory for such personnel to attend and pass the course to transport and handle any hazardous materials.

  • Roles and Responsibility of Drivers
  • Regulatory Agencies for Dangerous Goods
  • Approved Routes & Timings of Operation
  • Labels and Signs of DG Goods (Classification)
  • Emergency Information Panel
  • Elements of Fire
  • Classes of Fire
  • Types of Fire Extinguishers
  • How to operate a Fire Extinguisher

To equip personnel with the knowledge to transport hazardous materials safely and able to respond to emergencies.

  • Only company sponsored personnel.
  • Personnel need to submit their particulars to UBTS for onward submission to SCDF for screening.
  • Only those which have successfully passed the screening will be allowed to attend course. Company will be notified.

1 day (9:00am to 6:00pm)

  • Theory Test
  • Practical Test (How to operate fire extinguisher safely)

30 September 2020 to 9 February 2024

  • Theory – $30
  • Practical – $50

*call to reschedule
*candidate require to retake course if still NYC on 2nd attempt.